About Us

Located in Waldorf, MD, Naturalcentric Hair Salon has been serving the DC Metro area since 2002. We provide styling and care for locs, loose natural hair, transitional hair, and barber services. We also provide hair consultations on every aspect of natural hair–from hair care and holistic treatments to combination styles, as well as specialized styling and services such as loc reattachment, loc resizing, micro twists, micro locs, and loc extensions.

Every client receives a personalized consultation as their first appointment to explore their best options, so that we can offer appropriate solutions. This is provided prior to the scheduling of a hairstyling appointment to give each client a hair and scalp assessment, and to discuss styling options. No matter the face shape, past challenges, or lifestyle, we have a solution for you!

For those who prefer a DIY approach, we offer hair tutorials/individualized classes with real solutions that get results. We give you a step-by-step, comprehensive hair plan from proper shampooing and conditioning, to hands-on styling demonstrations to meet your hair’s unique needs.

Our crowns are the highest point of our physical bodies and the housing of our thought centers, and as such, carry great significance. We don’t just adorn, but help cultivate self love. This allows us to honor the divine spiral pattern of our natural hair—the same spiral seen in the solar system, the rotation of the earth, and strands of DNA. We have the utmost regard for the uniqueness of our hair.

Renee Prophet is the owner of Naturalcentric Hair Salon. She is a master loctician/natural hair care specialist, licensed barber, braid stylist and educator. Internationally published, her work has been featured in Sophisticate’s Black Hair, Drum Magazine of South Africa, and others.